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Statement of directors' responsibilities in respect of the European Embedded Value (EEV) basis supplementary information

The directors have chosen to prepare supplementary information in accordance with the European Embedded Value Principles dated April 2016 by the European Insurance CFO Forum (the EEV Principles) using the methodology and assumptions set out in the Notes on the EEV basis results.

When compliance with the EEV Principles is stated, those principles require the directors to prepare supplementary information in accordance with the Embedded Value Methodology (EVM) contained in the EEV Principles and to disclose and explain any non-compliance with the EEV guidance included in the EEV Principles.

In preparing the EEV supplementary information, the directors have:

  • Prepared the supplementary information in accordance with the EEV Principles;
  • Identified and described the business covered by the EVM;
  • Applied the EVM consistently to the covered business;
  • Determined assumptions on a realistic basis, having regard to past, current and expected future experience and to any relevant external data, and then applied them consistently;
  • Made estimates that are reasonable and consistent; and
  • Described the basis on which business that is not covered business has been included in the supplementary information, including any material departures from the accounting framework applicable to the Group’s financial statements.

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